He took us away from the tourists and crowds and showed us places we wouldn’t have otherwise discovered. It was great to see Amsterdam through the eyes of a local and a professional photographer. His photographic advice was brilliant, I’ve previously struggled to grasp aperture but his explanations were very practical and accessible.
— Holly Davis, UK
“I really did learn allot and felt I had also made a friend”
— Sue D. UK
I was looking to explore areas of Amsterdam that I might not find on my own and Tim delivered
I have good amount of photography experience but Tim helped me visualize and see potential images that I wouldn’t have seen on my own
I would HIGHLY recommend joining Tim in Amsterdam for a great tour of this beautiful city. Tim has an incredible eye for photography, check out his Facebook page and website if you want to see some incredible images. Thanks, Tim!
— Jeff Cox, Madrid
I hired Tim for a private photo tour and I have absolutely no regrets. Tim is one of the friendliest men you will ever meet. He is certainly knowledgable about photography and clearly explains the essential elements of capturing the perfect photograph. He has a keen eye for composition and will patiently teach you how to improve your composition skills. He knows all the great photo spots in Amsterdam, many of which are found on the road less travelled and off the beaten track. I elected to do my tour on a bike and it was a great way to see the City and cover the most ground possible. As they say in the Mastercard commercial, my experience with Tim was “priceless.” Thanks, Tim. I trust our paths will cross again some day.
— Peter Bertling - Santa Barbara California
He took a quick look at our camera and figured out what constraints we may have and how to get the most out of our pictures. In addition, he was so kind to take a couple shots of the both of us for our personal photo albums. That in itself showed that for Tim this is not just a business but a passion. He is extremely reliable. We had planned to do the night time shots the next night and despite being exhausted from another tour he biked over and took us out for our last hour. For my fiance and I this was the highlight of our trip to Europe and has left us with something we can carry forward on our future vacations! Thanks Tim
— Mona S Ontario Canada
On top of being very knowledgeable about where to shoot in Amsterdam, he kept in mind lighting situations when organizing his tour to ensure we would arrive on time to take advantage of the most ideal light situations per spot.
— Dandyzoku Shanghai, China
One of the coolest experiences I have had in Europe
— David Jones. Pennsylvania
This is a rarity for many photographers try to not let their clients get awesome shots. My wife is a professional photographer and praised Tim’s skills...something she rarely does!! Very high recommendations for this adventure.
— Jack Bapa Erie Pennsylvania
I really enjoyed my tour. Getting back on a bike (after many years) meant we travelled to scenic sights faster and made the most of the great light. I wasn’t very confident, but Tim rode to our experience and really looked after us, so it was actually fun. I wouldn’t have been on a bike this trip otherwise, so pleased to have ticked that tourist/typical activity.
— TravelPhotoCook Auckland, New Zealand
Before the Photo Safari, I roamed around Amsterdam for a few days seeking out spots for shooting. I spent a lot of hours trying to find great spots. I wish I would’ve done the Photo Safari first because it would have saved me a lot of time since all my best shots were on the tour.
— Jake Arquiette - Los angels california
I can’t say enough good things about Tim. He was an absolute pleasure to deal with via email before our shoot...worked out time, price, location, etc... The Tour I took was targeted towards nighttime photography, but Tim spent the first part of the Tour just teaching me how to use my Camera. I have had a DSLR for years (first a Canon and now a Nikon D7000) and I never took it off Auto. We captured some great shots around Amsterdam, including some awesome nighttime pics! My trip to Europe took me on to Ghent, Belgium and then to Normandy...got some great shots I’d never been able to take/make without Tim’s teaching. I like to take pics at my Son’s Football (American) games, and I’ve been able to use my new-found Camera skills to capture some great images, even in low-light settings.
— Brian Hicks, Collierville, Tennessee
When friends ask me for my favorite memories of Amsterdam, this photo tour that I took is always the first thing I tell them about.
— CHRIS NICKLO - Oakland, California
Tim is down to earth and easy to get along with, and he makes it feel like you’re cruising around the city with a friend. Within the first 15 minutes with Tim, I had learned more about my camera and using some of the different settings than I had spent hours reading and trying to teach myself. That alone was worth the money since I was spending the next 3 weeks in Europe and everything that I learned that day, I would be able to take with me.
It was better than any class I would ever take, and way more fun. Not only did I get great lessons, but I also got to experience one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Once I’m back in Amsterdam, I will definitely do this tour again.
Thanks to this tour, I have some of the best photographs I’ve ever taken, not only of Amsterdam, but of all of the other cities I visited on my trip through Europe.
Thank you Tim for the unforgettable experience! :)
— Becky Reynolds, Toronto
It’s a fast-track-tour-and-photography-course-all-together you’ll never forget!
— RJ Niteroi, Brusque
I enjoyed his company and appreciated his positive, friendly attitude. Photography is his passion and he really enjoys sharing it with others. I may never see Tim again but what he taught me will stay with me for years to come. If you have the chance to go with Tim, go for it!
I enthusiastically recommend Tim Collins. I was excited to take a photo safari with him (having been on real safaris before but not a photo safari) and the experience was even better than I hoped.
We split it into 2 parts - 2 hours at night and 2 hours the next morning. I wanted to learn about night photography (something I never understood before) and also shoot in morning light.
I did learn a great deal at night and was really glad that I also had his guidance in the daytime.
I was alone with him both times and he customized what he did to my needs and interests.We were on bikes so could easily cover a diversity of locations. He brought a tripod for the night shoot, which was essential. I learned an enormous amount and gained the confidence to do more night photography
— George Crista. Santa Monica - California
We had all completed photo tours in other cities and agreed Tim is the best. We all walked away with new skills and amazing shots, but Tim breaks it down to where it isn’t so technical. Tim thanks so much for spending the evening with us!
— Matt Mishler - Chicago Illiinois
You really can read all these tips in books but spending a few hours with someone showing how it is done best we really helpful. Getting away from the auto settings in your camera and controlling the picture to get what you want was great lesson and fun to do in a new city. I strongly recommend this tour
— C. Anderson New York City, New York

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