How much should I know about photography before going on a tour?

The tour is designed for all skill levels. We will ensure you get the best possible photos your camera can give you, whether it’s a point and shoot or top DSLR model. The more experienced photographer will benefit from the unique vantage points and the novice will come away with a deeper understanding of how to take killer pictures. 

Are there any discounts for bringing a 2nd photographer?

Yes, a 2nd photographer comes along for a significant discount. See each tour page for prices. To bring friends with iphones etc is €25.

Is there a reduced rate for families with their kids?

Yes please get in touch via Book or Enquire and tell me how many there are of you and we will make things manageable and fair for you.

What if it rains?

If it rains I don't advise a bike tour as we walk with umbrellas. Amsterdam weather can sometimes give us several seasons in 1 day. But it rarely rains all day – it normally rains for short spells then stops (I’m not a huge fan of getting wet either!) If it’s particularly heavy we may be able to postpone to later that day, but if it is not heavy the tour will go on. Bring an umbrella – best with a curved handle. Some of our best images have been taken during these times.. It’s only water!

What’s the difference between a photo tour and a sightseeing normal tour?

This is a specialist tour for small groups, with lots of 1-on-1 attention and tuition. The focus is on photography so all locations are hand-picked for the best images the city has to offer.

Where and when do we meet?

We will meet outside IBIS hotel. It's the big hotel next to Amsterdam Centraal Train Station. As you are facing the station it is to the left of the station. It has a big red sign on it saying IBIS. Heres the postal address incase you need it: Station 49, 1012 AB Amsterdam. Day tours meet at 11am.
Night tours - meeting times change each week as the sun sets at different times.
Private tours can be planned at any time and hotel pick ups are also an option.

What’s the difference between a day and night tour?

A day tour is all done in the daylight.
A night tour starts a couple of hours before sunset so we see daylight, sunset, golden hour, blue hour and darkness. You get to shoot the city in all its varying lights, each one bringing a new look and feel to your images. In the night tour we will be using tripods for long exposure times (if you need to rent one they are €9).

Can we buy tickets the day of the Photo Tour? 

We recommend to book in advance. But if you would like to attend a tour scheduled within the next 24 hours please email as soon as possible.

Cancellation Policy

Cancel at least 10 days before tour = 100% refund
Cancel from 10 - 3 days before tour = 50% refund
Cancel less than 3 days before tour = 0% refund


Amsterdam Photo Safari is not responsible for any harm or damage to you or your equipment whilst on the tour. We do not offer guest insurance therefore we recommend that all travellers have their own insurance policy to cover themselves during their trip.

Tim: It's wise to book the tour near the start of your time here, as we will be able to introduce you to the city and offer you some other cool things to do and see while you are here!

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