1 or 2 day options: 

Day 1 - Tulip field bulb gardens, combined with Keukenhoff or picturesque Dutch village
Day 2 (optional) Tulips fields, Majestic Windmills, idyllic Dutch villages. 

Includes private car and collection from Amsterdam

A visual feast. Explosions of colour. A photographic experience of a lifetime

What do we see and do on the Tulip & Windmill Tour?

This tour focuses on the sprawling farmers tulip fields (or bulb gardens) with options to also visit the Keukenhof Gardens, our favorite quaint village, and the famous Dutch Windmills

The farmers bulb fields are becoming a must visit for photographers from all over the world. This is different from the Keukenhof gardens and requires a car and local knowledge of the best fields, which changes every year. They are different because they offer photographs of vast rows of tulips, much longer and expansive than inside Keukenhof.


Is spent exploring the farmers tulip fields (or bulb gardens) with options to stop off at the main Keukenhof gardens or an idyllic Dutch village.


This means you also get to shoot the Dutch Windmills, outer reach tulip fields and the quaint dutch fishing villages with their old wooden houses and surrounding dykes

  • Included is close up or macro photography.

  • Beginners and intermediate - If you are new to macro or close up photography we break it down very simply for you. You will walk in a novice and leave with confidence, after this mini workshop in macro or close up photography

  • Advanced - we head straight to all the best locations and share ideas of some of the the best compositions

  • Explore alternative and intimate angles in the bursting rows of flowers

  • Capture the true essence of the remarkable landscape of Holland

  • Pristine picturesque Dutch fishing villages

You will come away with photos that stand out in your portfolio, literally for a life time.

Private car collection is covered in this trip. You will be dropped off back in your hotel about 8 hours after collection.


The flowering time of the tulips is dependent on the weather that year. We recommend mid April to the end of the 1st week of May to see the best tulips in the farmers bulb fields. Early to mid April is a good time for daffodils and hyacinths. Keukenhof opens in mid March but you will only find the best bulb fields to photograph from around mid April.


1 DAY TOUR - Tulips & Gardens

Tulips gardens and bulb fields

1st person – €700
2nd person – €200
3rd Person - €170
Rent a tripod  – €10
Bring a guest – € 100 (shoot iphones)

2 DAY TOUR - Villages & Windmills

2nd day visit a quaint dutch village, majestic windmills and outer tulip fields

1st person - €1250
2nd person - €400
3rd Person - €250
Rent a tripod  – €10
Bring a guest – € 180 (shoot iphones)


1 - 3 people depending on your group


Collection from Amsterdam in your private car for the day. Tours leave normally at 9.30am but can be scheduled around your travel plans