1 day Private Tour - Amsterdam & majestic windmills

“This is far more than a Photography Tour, it’s an all encompassing experience” Chris Truro, Texas, 2018

Windmills first. Then finish off in Amsterdam for the best of our daytime spots, culminating in the city's best locations for NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY.

In this full day tour we delve deep in to the city's visual highlights - the best places we can show you in Amsterdam, both day and night, along with an afternoon spend at the splendid WINDMILLS outside of the city.

This is a REAL WORLD private tour to some of the best locations in this country along side one of our award winning guides. It’s a real world tour because you will not feel or behave like a tourist. It up close and personal, living and shooting the way we do.

This tour is designed for the kind of traveller who wants to shoot the highlights of Amsterdam and also the famous Dutch Windmills. You will leave with a thorough portfolio of photographs that show all iconic Dutch images. This tour is filled with the absolute best sights if we could maximise 1 days in and around Amsterdam.

"The show stoppers. The keepers. The competition winners. The wall hangers. The jaw droppers"


  • The daytime locations - iconic, quaint, historic, unmistakable Amsterdam. Bridges, houseboats, canals, best parts of the city

  • The best night photography locations - breathtaking and celebrated canals complete with reflections

  • Dutch Windmills - Majestic, unique to holland, unmistakable, unforgettable

  • Hand picked locations and refined routes to maximise your time in the city

  • We share the best vantage points in our carefully selected locations to turbo charge your shooting experience

  • Tours can be scheduled around your travel times

  • Hotel pick ups if you want one (from central amsterdam)

  • Beginners will leave with a new found confidence by finally getting to grips with your camera

  • Serious amateurs can spend time building their portfolio

  • Professionals will maximise their time in Amsterdam and see every aspect of this city they desire

EXPEXT TO SEE: Jordaan Highlights, some areas around the red light district, Brouwersgracht - Amsterdams most beautiful street, the oldest houses, the most beautiful canal, southside of the city and Amstel. 

The journey to the windmills is a short train ride from the city and we organise the tickets for you. The rest of the tour is on foot in our densely packed city.

This tour is designed for all levels of guests. Since it is a private photography tour we can spend the time working on your camera skills, composition, or darting around the city seeing as many locations as possible. 


8 Hours – €750
Rent a tripod – €10
Bring a guest €35 (shoot iphones)
-Train fair to the windmills included        


2nd person photographing
Extra €350
Rent a tripod – €10

GROUP TOURS OR FAMILY - special prices

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Tours are scheduled around sunset so it varies.
Tours leave from outside IBIS Hotel, next to Amsterdam Centraal Station. But we can also collect you at central locations