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My name is Bro, Philippe Bro.

I am a Frenchman by birth, but more of a world citizen at heart. I landed in Amsterdam after almost a decade in the north of England and a trip of a life time around China, Tibet, Nepal and India. This left me with permanent itchy feet and an obsession for photography: I was hooked - what started as a way to document the experience turned out to be my calling.

Photography was like a homecoming for me. Growing up on a diet of Japanese anime, video games, science fiction movies and inventive music videos, the visual arts have always had a very strong appeal. I now incorporate all these aspects into my practice, creating portraits of the places and people I encounter that are at times natural and at others more fantastical.

A dedicated dreamer with a vivid curiosity, I am constantly drawn to experiments and to finding new ways of expressing my vision. With each photo I like to try out new techniques. Most recently I've been obsessed with showing the passing of time, and exploring the contrast between the old and the new.. What can I say: expect the unexpected!

Amsterdam is perfect for all this with its powerful mix of class and grit, modern and traditional, quirkiness and forward thinking. I am always looking forward to sharing my passion for this city and its hidden treasures.


I'm Tim Collins

I'm a photographer and a I'm a teacher.

I started off shooting Travel and Urban photography, and it still remains my passion and hobby. But professionally I photograph people. I work internationally as a lifestyle photographer, and this means I get to photograph interesting people in interesting locations. Last year I worked in the New York, London, Chicago, Las Vegas, Denver, Lisbon, Biarritz, Los Angeles, and of course Amsterdam. 

But I love this city and I always come back! Believe me I have experienced it in many different ways, and lived to tell the tales! I don’t own a car, I cycle everywhere, and I would never dream of leaving. 

I draw on my experience as a photography teacher on the tours! I’m always keen to talk about composition, camera settings and street photography techniques. If you’re new to photography you are in the right hands. And if you are experienced, then I love to give my perspective on interesting composition in different locations. 

See Tim's commercial photography website www.timcollins.nl


Hey, I’m Christofer Page

My love of photography started 30 years ago when I found a Minolta film camera in a small charity shop in London. I took a basic photography and darkroom course, and from then on I was flying!

My great ambition was always to be a professional photographer. I take massive inspiration from the work of street photographers such as Vivian Maier, photo journalist Robert Capa and the great Magnum travel photographer Steve McCurry.

Since arriving in Amsterdam as well as capturing the canals, architecture and people of this great city, I have also shot a number of musicians and bands - in concert, and exhibited print work at a number of venues and events around the city.

I have lived in Amsterdam for 17 years, and know this city really well! I have uncovered many of it's glorious secrets, and of course look forward to sharing them with you all.


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